The Passage

Production Team

Playwright - Bryan Reynolds
Director - Bryan Reynolds
Choreographer - Jessica Dunn
Composers - Brian Wayy & Vincent Olivieri
Production Manager - Jesús López Vargas
Stage Manager - Sammie D. Moore
Production Asssistant - Shiwei He
Costume Desinger - Marcy Froehlich
Assistant Costume Designer - Alexis Jewell Brown
Lighting Designer - Lonnie Alcaraz
Assistant Lighting Designer - Rin Mizumoto
Lighting Board Operator - Kevin Aguilar
Associate Projections Designer - Merle DeWitt III
Projections Content Designer - James Intriligator
Projections Operator - Jayde Farmer
Sound Designer - Vinnie Olivieri
Sound Spatialization Control System Designer - Davin Huston
Associate Sound Designer - Costa Daros
Assistant Sound Designer - Alex Fakayode
House Manager - Gosia Lorenz
Venue Manager - Chris Cuthill
Photography - Jesús López Vargas
Videography - Jesús López Vargas

Producer - Ivan Williams

Experimental Media Performance Lab (xMPL), University of California, Irvine, California, USA, 2022


Jessica Dunn, Kayla Emerson & Johnisa Breault