Transversal Theater Company (TTC) is a nonprofit organization of American and European artists based in Amsterdam. Founded in 2003 by Bryan Reynolds, Lonnie Alcaraz, Douglas-Scott Goheen, and a number of other artists, TTC is an experimental theater company known for creating works that explore charged social, cultural, conceptual, and political realities of today through the combined socio-cognitive theory, performance aesthetics, and research methodology of Transversal Poetics.

Transversal Poetics works to inspire critical inquiry, scholarship, pedagogy, artistic creation, and life experiences that are mutually supportive, adaptive, and felicitous. It is innovative and versatile as it emphasizes positive formulations of consciousness, desire, subjectivity, identity, expression, meaning, and so on. It is exploratory and transformative as it constantly reappraises its premises, influences, methods, contexts, and subject matters of inquiry to develop effective modes of thought, affect, and action. It is eclectic, collective, and collaborative as it acknowledges the conditions of its emergent activities: its histories, sources, conversations, creations.

Transversal Leadership & Administration

Bryan Reynolds – Artistic Director, Founder
Oscar Seip – Executive Producer
Christopher Marshall – Associate Artistic Director
Jesús López Vargas – Associate Creative Producer
Merle DeWitt III – Associate Technical Producer
Sam Kolodezh – Producer
Shira Wolfe – Producer
Gosia Lorenz – Producer
David Backovsky – Producer

All Transversal Theater performance photography on this website is available for reuse on Wikipedia under the terms of the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 license, no commercial use permitted.