Curie, Curie

Production Team

Playwright - Bryan Reynolds
Direction - Bryan Reynolds
Music Composition - Jordy the Blond
Choreography - Jessica Dunn
Production Manager - Jesús López Vargas
Company Manager - Jessica Keasberry-Vnuk
Assistant Production Manager - Athziri Morales
Calling Stage Manager - Vivian Consuelo Juarez
Costume Designer - Rosalida Medina
Lighting Designer - Lonnie Alcaraz
Assistant Lighting Designer - Lu Valero
Lighting Board Operator - Jacob Dovan Nguyen
Projections Designer - Merle DeWitt III
Media Designer - James Intriligator
Assistant Media Designer - Gosia Lorenz
Projections Board Operator - Athziri Morales
Venue Manager - Chris Cuthill

Performed at the Experiemental Media Performance Lab, University of California, Irvine, California, USA


Marie Curie – Jessica Dunn
Pierre Curie – Evan Lugo
World – Jessica Emmanuel