Eve's Rapture

Production Team

Playwright – Bryan Reynolds
Director – Robert Cohen
Stage Manager – Lauren McCue
Scenic Design – Luke Cantarella
Lighting Design – Lonnie Alcaraz
Composer – Chris Dobrian
Sound Design – Mike Hooker & Palmer Jankens
Costume Design – Christa Mathis
Video Design – John Crawford
Voice/Speech/Dialect Director – Phil Thompson
Music Director/Singing Coach – Dennis Castellano
Choreographer – Megan Glynn
Consulting Producer – Breanne Mowdy
Asst Director/Asst Producer/Fight Choreographer – Christopher Marshall
Assistant Lighting Design – Karyn Lawrence
Assistant Composers – Joe Knox and Oliver Dobrian
Assistant Stage Manager – Brennan Cipollone
Production Assistant – Noah Silverstein
Graphic Design – Tu Nguyen
Archivists – Isaac Robinson-Smith, Niko Montelibano

The Hayworth Theater, Los Angeles, California, USA, 2009


Eve – Kendra Smith
Satan – Christopher Marshall
Beelzebub/Michael – Martin Swoverland
Adam/Moloch – Ryan Welsh
Sin/Mary Magdelene/Uriel – Sage Howard